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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home is where you hang up your phone

Have you ever worked for yourself or in sales of some kind where you don't really have an office? It can be a little unsettling. But I have started to become accustomed to working on my kitchen table, using my laptop and iPad, answering emails in my car on my Blackberry, and generally working in a virtual office. The key is keeping everything in one "capture device" as it is now being called. One place where you keep everything, and write everything down when it occurs to you. You take it with you everywhere, even keeping it on your night stand so you can write down all those things that keep you up at night. Just remember "someday" or "later" don't exist as real blocks of time. But when you write one of those "someday" items on a page in your planner, you suddenly have time allotted to getting it done. And you'll sleep better.

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