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Friday, April 26, 2013

Find Your Balance

In the 1970's and 80's when I was a kid, my family really got into sports. Especially the Boston Bruins. I still remember hearing the announcer yelling, "O'Reilly SCORES!!!!" Nearly knocked me off the couch more than once. I got to meet Terry O'Reilly in 2009, as well as Rick Middleton, and Brad Park. So cool.
If it were possible to get more excited about anything sports related, my family did when it came to the Olympics. I was fascinated by women's floor gymnastics.  Cursed with terrible balance, I couldn't peel my eyes off the athletes on the balance beam. How was someone able to walk on that thing, let alone do flips on it? And those dismounts! Don't get me started! These days I don't watch the Olympics as closely, mainly because I don't really watch TV. But I can't get those balance beam pictures out of my head.
The older I get the more I can appreciate balance.  Physical balance, and life balance.  Good balance takes practice, and lots of it. Just scheduling time for family, spiritual, mental, and physical growth, does not mean that you will have balance. Following through in those commitments does not guarantee any increase in balance either.
Here's why. Balance isn't a thing. It is an experience. It takes effort and focus. And through repetition comes experience and better skill. Eventually balance becomes effortless, and when you experience the peace of balance you will find yourself longing for more.
Honor yourself by experiencing those things that bring balance to your life. How will you know if it is working?
You'll know.  It feels like this.  Randall SCORES!!!!!!

Terry O'Reilly of the Boston Bruins
Joanne Randall

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