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Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Blues

What will I do with my time after tomorrow?
Actually, I will be doing the same things I do everyday.
This election, as important as it is, will be over and we can go back to watching ads about e-trade and Progressive Insurance.

Did we learn anything about any candidate, really, from thus round of political advertising? You can tell the character o
f a candidate by their ads. Not what they are saying about the other candidate, but the way they present their message. I learned that I don't agree on either candidate completely on social issues. But if people are unemployed, social issues need to come second. Feeding your kids ranks above most social issues. When basic needs are met then we can start discussing social issues.
Deal? So let's get everyone back to work and off public assistance and then we can debate everything else. See you at the polls!

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