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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Home Away From Home Office

I always knew I would be more productive if I had my own office space. I did not, however, realize how much I was not focused in my home office. I am like in super-speed mode at my desk, whipping through lists and files. Making calls, answering emails, sending quotes, suddenly looking at the clock and saying, "Wow, I forgot to eat lunch!" For the record, that has NEVER happened to me before.
Now that I am settled a bit in my new space, I will be hanging up some photos and other decorations. I will definitely be hanging up the photo of me on the ropes course in California. My kids will be up there too. I have scheduled time to make a vision board, which will hang right in front of my desk. My husband made and hung shelves for me so I have a place for all my business books. I think he secretly hopes to get the shelves in the dining room back, but whatever.
But for right now, the calm, striped white walls (thanks, Kitt!) have been my home away from home office. And it feels pretty good.

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