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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Business Page "LIKES"

There is a very good reason why businesses should all LIKE business pages of our professional associates. When one business LIKEs another on Facebook, it is considered a professional courtesy. It is what I refer to as a gentle recommendation. It lets other people and businesses know that you recommend the other business from your own business, not just yourself personally. This is just like walking into your client’s office and referring one of your networking group members while you are there. It also reflects your attitude around your business community by showing that you recognize the importance of businesses working together.

So this week, log into your business page as the business (not as yourself personally) and visit pages of businesses that you would recommend. Click the LIKE button to show your support. And while your LIKE button finger is warmed up, if you feel so moved, please visit and LIKE NH Women In Business and Leap Year Marketing.

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