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Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Host Lisa Wilber "On Being the Host"

When Joanne e-mailed me a few weeks ago asking whether I would be interested and available for guest hosting on her radio show "New Hampshire Women In Business" I couldn't help but think of Les Brown and how he had waited for his opportunity to be on the radio and how one day it came. (if you haven't heard Les' story, search "Les Brown rock radio" on YouTube - it's awesome!) I didn't have to wait for the host to fall off the wagon, she only had a schedule conflict! Of course, I cleared my schedule and said YES! I had been interviewed on radio a number of times in the past, but I knew hosting would require a new set of skills and I was ready for the challenge. Although Joanne didn't ask me to, I wanted to line up my own guests so I could experience what her job is really like. I decided to devote the first hour to my love (Direct Sales) and the second hour would be a guest from another industry. When I began calling New Hampshire direct sellers that I knew I was surprised how many of them did not think this type of exposure would be good for their business! Many of them did no marketing what so ever so they did not realize how important it was. I quickly realized that I needed to focus on people I knew in direct sales in New Hampshire that I already saw were marketing themselves, because they would immediately realize what a great boost radio exposure can bring. My first hour line up brought Joanne Johnson with Discovery Toys and Kerriclaire Hodson from Athena's Home Novelties. Because I know that our industry is not taken as seriously as most, I also asked industry giants Nicki Keohohou from the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) and Keeper from to call in during the second first half of the show to share testimonials about our industry and profession.

In the second hour I switched to non-direct sales with a business colleague from my home town: Master Suzanne Couhie from RTH Martial Arts and Wellness. She and her husband are the highest ranking and accomplished Taekwondo masters in all of the United States yet few in our town or state are aware of their accomplishments. I was just sure if more people in our area knew of their school, they would be making that drive to Weare -- especially to have their children train during vacation and summer camps -- with the Masters. Master Couhie was a delight to interview and I walked away thinking "I hope I can leave a life legacy as rich and full as the Couhie's".

The two hour show went by faster than I imagined it would. Mr. George was very helpful assisting me with all of the ins and outs of being on the radio, even when I was kidding him that his show that precedes "New Hampshire Women in Business" should be called "The Man Show". I had a great time, learned a lot and really appreciate the opportunity to flex my on air muscles. My hope is that Joanne found me a good choice for a guest host and that the listeners walked away feeling that they received good value for their investment of their time. I always like to shoot for Win-Win and it would be great if this was a Win-Win for us all and I know it was for me!

Lisa Wilber

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