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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Social Media posting tips from Leap Year Marketing

If you are one of the brave people who take on your own Social Media, congratulations! Not a task for the faint of heart. Putting your self out there can be a little intimidating (which can stop people from doing it) and finding the time can be challenging (which is why some people hire someone like me). So on your next venture to find relatable and relative content, here are some tips for you. Someone shared this with me once (I think it may have been Chuck Sink from In any case, it is good advice and I am happy to share what I know works.

Remember that your posts should be one of three kinds:
1) informational
2) entertaining
3) what's in it for me (offer)

Generally speaking, any posts are fine, but too much of one kind loses its effectiveness. Look for a funny but appropriate cartoon about your product or service, quotes about character or leadership, or websites that are good sources of articles about your industry that are OK to share that might talk in more layman's terms about your industry and maybe not so technical. Remember that spending money is an emotional transaction, so try to appeal to people's sense of responsibility in their purchase or possibly their fear of not acting on the sale (without scaring them to death!). "This offer is only good until midnight!" "Insurance is your way of telling your family you love them." "Your responsibility is to your customers. Our responsibility is to you."

People want to do the right thing most of the time, so make it easy for them to fulfill their duty by telling them how easy it is to set up an appointment or move forward. If consultation is free, tell them that too. Most people do not want to have to deal with the technical aspects of their business, things like insurance or marketing, so remind them that it is better for them to partner with someone who specializes in handling it rather than doing it themselves. They will get better results and probably pay less when an experienced professional is looking out for their best interests.

This advice is good for all Marketing, but if you are handling your Social Media yourself, and you are not a Marketer, these guidelines will help gather your thoughts and produce good content for Social Media posts.

If  you have more questions or need some guidance for your Marketing, give us a call. 724-603-LEAP
Joanne Randall
Leap Year Marketing

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