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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is a Contradiction in Terms

character-donatelloEvery day when my teenage daughter gets home from school, I ask her,  "How was school?" She always says, "Good". Then I ask "What did you do today?" And she says, "Nothing". So then I ask if she has any homework and she says, "No". Earlier today after the same series of questions and answers I said to her, "It makes me wonder if I should even be sending you to school. It's never exciting, you never do anything, and you never have any homework". Further confirming her belief that her mother is a complete nerd.
Now I am certain that not only is school more than good, it can be fun and eventful. I am also sure that she doesn't do nothing all day. And when she has homework she usually gets it done during school or right after school.
But it made me wonder, what actually does happen at school every day? I mean, if she doesn't tell me I can really only find out a little bit of information from her teachers. I am obviously interested in what my daughter does in school but unless she tells me what she does I really have no idea. Hmmm......
I think it is important that as business owners we share at least to some degree what we do all day long. It is important to business owners to be able to relate to each other, tell war stories so to speak. On another level I also think it is important we tell customers and potential clients as well. If they don't know what we do and are capable of doing for our current customers how will they know what we can do for them?
Social media, Facebook in particular, is a great place to share success stories of your business. If you are in the habit of collecting testimonials from your customers, possibly on Linked In, then you should be sharing those on your business Facebook page as well. These types of posts lend credibility to you and your business. It's okay to tell people what you have been doing all day. It isn't boasting, it is building your reputation through marketing. Big difference.
If you don't tell them what you are doing then you are  like the teenager who has a good day doing nothing with nothing to show for it.  And dude, that's lame.

Joanne Randall

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