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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why Do People Do What They Do?

I am presenting some material tomorrow (Wednesday 12/28) about behavioral styles. This knowledge is helpful in all aspects of life, but interestingly enough, can be used to close the sale.

Understanding someone's behavioral style can give you incredible insight into what motivates them, and therefore, how to give them what they really want, so they want to give you what you want. It is pretty simple really. You can finally understand why your teenager rolls her eyes at you when you come in the room. Or why your toddler won't cooperate during bathtime. As well as why some people at work seem to fly off the handle (probably a Controller). Others quietly plod along at the same job for 40 years. If you are saying, "Wow, I would never do that!" it is because that person is an Analyzer and you are not.

Each person's behaviors demonstrate how that person feels about the way things should be. Since that is different for everyone, based on their experiences, everyone has a different idea of how things should be. And therefore, their behavior is different.

Pretty simple really.

Want to learn more? Contact me to do a workshop in your workplace. Your Sales Director will thank you.

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