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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How Much Should I Pay (If Anything) for SEO?

I get SEO guys calling me all the time.

Here is the deal. As a business owner you have to decide how much money one new paying customer brings in for you on average. This will be your gauge to compare value of SEO, advertising, or any marketing expense, including the cost of hiring someone like me. If you feel the expense has or will bring in enough paying customers times the value of  new paying customer, then do it. OR if utilizing a marketing program, like Leap Year Marketing, saves you time and/or money because you are not trying to do it yourself and can now focus on income-producing activities, then it is worth it. If it isn't saving you time or money in this fashion, then you shouldn't be using it.

With that said, SEO is very effective, but only if your business is something people search for. If you are and you have competition, then SEO is a good idea (this is most people). If people are already finding you or there is limited demand (and therefore not a lot of searching going on) then don't pay for it. SEO can be expensive, but you need to compare it to the value of a new paying client. 

SEO will drive people to your website, so make sure the site is something worth looking at where willing people can make purchases or find the information they need to make the next move toward purchases. 

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